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COVID-19: We are now OPEN for INDOOR DINING! We will be going by NYS Health Department Guidelines.  Call us if you have any questions!  We want to Thank You for your patience and continued support!

Hello Friends!  

We were particularly proud to be named one of Central New York's Best Diners!!  Click on the link below!!          



Yes,  that is us with the "yellow door"!  You can see that door clear to Interstate 481!

The door happened by accident with someone suggesting "Hey,  why not paint the door YELLOW"!   I thought it was a great idea!  It is cheery!  It's hard to be in a bad mood when you see that 'yellow door'.  It is a statement and sets the tone for your experience here at Maryann's Country Time Cafe!  It says "come on in ... be happy ... have some great food ... enjoy some coffee with your friends!  And if you're just passing through,  We Will Be Your Friends!  So stop by the next time you're in the area! 

We are honored to be in our 33rd year in Phoenix, NY!  We can't thank you all enough for supporting us and spending your time and hard earned money here with us!     



In case you are just finding us ... We have quite a reputation for 2 things ... 


 Our Homemade Bread!

(white or cinnamon-raisin) 

- Our pancakes are the size of the whole plate!

-  Our Haddock Dinners usually hang off the edge of the plates they are so big! 

- Our Homemade Sausage Gravy and Biscuits (available on weekends) gives my biceps a workout just carrying the plate to your table!

We make our pies "in house"!  We have a wonderfully talented lady (Syndi) who makes all our pies with love. You won't find just "cherry, blueberry or apple pies here."  She comes up with some wonderfully delicious concoctions and her pie crusts are out of this world!  They are a 'must try'!

We have the best cooks in all of Oswego County and I'd even say the 'surrounding areas'!  Lucy specializes in our Breakfast Menu and she is top notch!  She's been in the business over 30 years and really knows her stuff!

Lucy's Goulash is high on the request list.  So when it's available - you simply must have some. She makes the BEST CHICKEN AND BISCUITS!

Our cook Kellan comes up with our Famous Friday Night Specials!  He has a culinary background with a resume that is quite impressive. When you see a Friday night special that sounds like it has "Flare",  you know it's a Kellan Creation!  And it's ALWAYS delicious!  

TOGETHER Lucy and Kellan make a dynamic team in the kitchen that no one can touch.  We all are very lucky to have them here at Maryann's Country Time Cafe!

Our servers are experienced, friendly and really know our product.  They have been with us for years as well.  It's always so comforting to come into the diner and see their smiling faces!  They all know the menu inside and out.  If you have any questions about the menu,  they are happy to help.


Maryann's Country Time Cafe    315-695-6605

23 County Route #6, Phoenix, NY 13135 

maryannscountrytimecafe@gmail.com - email         www.maryannscountrytimecafe.com   - website